Transforming Family Conflict:

an exploration of the contexts, skills
and perceptions of four community peacebuilders

A Summary Report
by David Ketchum, Holly Ketchum and Ma Somethea

for Peace Bridges
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
October 2009

1. Domestic Violence Defined in Cambodian Law
2. Types of Family Violence
3. Social Indicators
4. Qualities of Healthy Families
Part 4: What Did Peace Bridges Discover?
1. The Experience of Family Conflict - The Importance of Empathy for Self and Others - Gender Stereotypes & Expressing Vulnerability
2. Supporting Healthy Family Practices - Respecting & Valuing One Another - Parenting that Nurtures, Protects & Guides - Adapting to Change - Solving Problems Peacefully
3. Identifying Continuing Needs - Identifying & Understanding Aggravating Factors - Providing More Opportunities to Apply and Practice - Community Support -
Understanding the Limitations of Empathy
Part 5: Program Implications
1. Engaging Values & Attitudes
2. Including All the Members of the Family
3. Keeping the Family Together
4. Enlarging the Possibilities
Annotated Bibliography
Family Conflict & Violence
Family Conflict & Violence in Cambodia
Healthy Family Systems
Research Methodology
Full Case Study Report
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Peaceful Families Program